Was your Summer fun?

Posted by on August 29, 2017

Where did Summer go?

I sit here this morning with another first day of school behind us now. Seems like only yesterday we were dropping them off at pre-K for their first big day. I remember them clinging to my legs begging not to go, and their momma trying to hold back the tears because her babies were growing up. Now I pull up to the parent drop off at high school and middle school and they act like they don’t know who you are. Lol! Times change, and nothing changes faster than a growing child. At the start of every school year my wife takes a picture of them together and its really neat to see how much they have grown and changed. Its also sad in a way once it gets quiet and I think about only a few more years with them at home,and then its off to college.

Today it’s quiet now around the office. I sit and wonder if my kids had a great summer vacation or not. Did I do enough this year for them? Was their Summer fun? Only they can answer that one. I can only gauge it by my summer vacations that stick out now in my memories and judge what I thought was fun against what they have done. Hopefully I did enough to create some great memories for them.

Its all about creating memories

Back in July we planned a camping trip to Fontana Lake on the north shore at a national park camping site. Its a beautiful place on a small island that is part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The site stays booked and you have to reserve it well in advance in order to get a spot. The weather was calling for 80% chance of thunderstorms the first day. Now everyone knows in the Smokies, you may or may not get what they call for, weather here is unpredictable at best. We packed the boat with gear as it looked like another missed forecast. Once at the boat ramp the skies grew dark and it looked like we were in for it. I wanted to call off the dogs and head for the house, but nothing would do my daughter than to go camping. So we launched our pontoon and headed full steam ahead for the island. Its quiet a ways to the island and when you are in a boat that has a top speed closer to that of a snail, well, you don’t go anywhere fast. Half way there the skies closed in on us and all the heavens opened. I’m not sure how Noah felt all those years ago, but I think I have an idea. We couldnt turn around and we couldnt keep going so we were forced to take shelter. We tucked into a cove, got off the boat, and huddled low in a swag on the lake shore praying that we didnt get struck by lightning. I was sort of worried and was trying to be the brave one and assure my family that we were going to be ok. I looked over at my daughter who was smiling from ear to ear. She couldnt contain herself. This is fun she was hollering loudly above the thunder. She was having a blast and here I was scared to death and worried. The storm blew over as quickly as it started, soaking wet we trudged onward. Once at camp, my daughter kept saying “see aren’t you glad that you listened to me we came on anyways?!” She said its “all about creating memories and we just made a bunch of them!” I cant argue with that.

So as summer grows quickly to an end. Get out and make some memories. With the holiday weekend fast approaching, I know where I’m going to be, on another adventure with my kids, and weather be danged!

See ya’ll on the water!

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