Carp Fly Fishing

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Carp Fly Fishing Guides

Carp Fly Fishing Guides in the Smoky Mountains! Fly Fishing the Smokies now offers Guided Fly Fishing Trips for Carp. Fly Fishing for Carp is a relatively new side to the sport. Carp are often referred to as the freshwater Bonefish. Their elusive and wary behavior make them the perfect fish to hone your skills as a fly angler. These big fish fight incredibly hard often times with battles lasting well over 15 minutes. The fish we target weigh from 10-30 pounds and readily take well placed flies. We offer Wade Trips stalking grass flats and Drift Boat Trips plying the still waters of beautiful nearby lakes. The clear water of the region offers perfect sight fishing for Carp!


Carp Fly Fishing Guides, Fly Fishing the Smokies, Carp Fly Fishing North Carolina

Fly Fishing for Carp

Catching Carp on a Fly rod requires skill, patience, and determination. They fight brutally hard and make runs that can go 150 yards or more. Carp are spooky fish with decent eye sight and great senses to the world around them. Make a botched cast and you could spook a pod of 100 fish or more with a single mistake. Carp quickly forget so just wait and they will return to the flats or area and start feeding in a few minutes. Fly Fishing the Smokies targets Carp with 8-10wt Fly rods with reels loaded with 200yrds plus of 30lb backing. High quality reels with a strong smooth drag setup and rods with a soft tip but hefty backbone for casting to and fighting big fish.

When to Come

The best time to catch Carp on a fly rod is from the second week of April through August. By mid-April the Carp are well into their spawning season. Pre Spawn and Post Spawn Carp feed heavily and will grab flies easily. Some will even chase down streamers for the fight of your life! We keep several of our Carp fishing locations as a secret and won’t divulge all details until you are booked. Carp fisherman are a more secretive bunch than trout anglers ever thought about! All Carp trips are on the North Carolina side of the Smokies.

Carp Fly Fishing Guides and Trips. Smoky Mountains Fly Fishing Guides, Carp Fly Fishing North Carolina

Skill Requirements

Carp are not difficult to find, they are however a challenge to catch on a fly rod. You need to be an experienced fly fisher able to make long casts of 60ft or more and have great accuracy skills. It is best advised to make sure you practice your casting a few weeks before arriving for your trip. You dont want to blow that shot at a 30 pound Carp with a bad cast or presentation. You also want to have the absolute best polarized sunglasses you can find. Being able to see what you are casting to really helps. We recommend eyewear from Costa Del Mar, Smith, and Oakley.

Carp Fly Fishing Rates

Carp Float Trips:

6hr Float Trip for Carp includes lunch. $325 per boat

Carp Wade Trips:

Half Day Carp Wade Trip:  $200 for one person, $250.00 for two people

Full Day Carp Wade Trip: $300 for one person, $350 for two people Includes lunch on Full Day


Carp Trips are limited to only two anglers per guide. Stalking fish and making exact thoughtful and precision casts require maximum angler attention form the guide. To ensure this level of attention only two people per guide.