Little Tennessee River

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Little Tennessee River Guided Trips

The Little Tennessee River is a great Small Mouth Bass river, with healthier populations of Smallies, it’s here you will have the best shot at some truly citation sized bass on the fly.

The history of the Little Tennessee sheds some light on how important this river really was to early civilizations. The Little Tennessee River and its immediate watershed comprise one of the richest archaeological areas in the Southeastern United States, containing substantial habitation sites dating back to as early as 7,500 B.C. Archaeologist, Cyrus Thomas, conducted a mound survey in the area for the Smithsonian Institution in the 1880s. He wrote that the Little Tennessee River was “undoubtedly the most interesting archaeological section in the entire Appalachian district.” Pretty impressive words considering the expansiveness of the Appalachian Mountains. While we don’t know much about archaeology, although we did watch Indiana Jones once, what we do know is the Little Tennessee River is one heck of a Small Mouth Bass fishery.

Little Tennessee River Smallmouth Bass

The “Little T” as we call it locally offers some great wading opportunities. The river currents are slow and gentle flowing and the bottom layout is medium sized rocks, with shelves and ledges. The waters, when undisturbed by rain, are emerald green to a tannic clear. There are some areas of grasses that grow in the stream bed offering perfect places for smallmouth bass to ambush prey and our flies. Some areas of the river offer old swinging bridges which make getting across the river to far banks a snap. Come join us on a Wade Trip or a Float Trip down the Little Tennessee River, the Smallies here are sure to send chills down your spine!

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