Walleye Float Trip










Have you ever caught a Walleye on a fly rod before?

Fly Fishing the Smokies has, and we put you on the action during the best months of the year to catch these prehistoric toothy critters! Walleye are an alpha predator in many cold water fisheries across the country, and here in the south we have them in many of our deep water lakes and cold rivers.

Fontana Lake, the 4th deepest lake in the US, is full of Walleye!  So how did the Walleye get there you may ask? The North Carolina DNR stocked Walleye for many years in the mid 1970’s as an experiment to see if they would take hold, reproduce, and provide a sustainable fishery. The Walleye adapted very well to Fontana Lake’s deep water and many cold water tributaries. Years later we have such a good population of fish that we see many anglers coming from all over the country to give them a try. Walleye typically stay deep for most of the year except in the spring and early summer when they run up the shallow river s and creeks to spawn. Some Walleye get comfortable to the cold river tempratures and remain in deep holes in the Tuckasegee River throughout the summer.

Fly Fishing the Smokies is proud to offer Walleye Float Trips to our extensive list of guided fly fishing trips. The standard rates for Float trips applies to Walleye Float Trips.

Contact Fly Fishing the Smokies today to reserve your Walleye Float Trip! The season for the Walleye runs is approaching fast!

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