Tuckasegee River Fishing Report April

Posted by on April 23, 2018

Tuckasegee River Fishing report April, Fly Fishing the Smokies, Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Guides

Tuckasegee River Fishing Report April

The fishing on the Tuckasegee River is absolutely on fire right now!

Trout count totals per mile are at an all time high. The river was stocked again on the 4th, And now holds 43,000 trout per mile near Bryson City. We have never seen the river with this many fish before. Good sized Rainbows, Browns and Brook trout averaging between 12-25 inches!

The lower sections of the Tuck have the highest biomass of any river in North Carolina. 72 species of fish call the lower Tuckasegee River home. Combine this with insect rich water with great hatches all year long and you’ve got an incredible habitat for trout. This month we are seeing plenty of good hatches beginning mid morning and continue until dark. Heavy hatches of tan Caddis, Light Cahills, Little Sedges, and brown Stone Flies are keeping the trout very active. Dry fly action has been peaking late afternoon almost each day. Faster riffle water sections and long slicks have provided the best areas for great dry fly fishing. In the late evenings and early mornings, generation schedules tend to have water levels a few inches higher and pushes thousdands of baitfish towards the river banks for cover. When this happens big predator trout will move into the shallows and wait in ambush mode. Casting streamers towards the banks and letting them swing away have produced some very nice Brown trout and some monster holdover Brook trout.

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Float Trips are the best way to cover the most water effectively. The lower Tuckasegee is a wide western sized river and offers tons of fish holding features. Being able to move quickly between likely areas is easier from our perfectly setup drift boats and rafts. Often times some of the biggest fish will be in the deeper water.

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The Tuckasegee River will stocked again in early May bringing trout totals to a record high. We have never seen this river with as many trout as we do now. Its going to be epic and something you sure dont want to miss! Get your dates booked now as we are filling up fast!

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