Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report June 1st

Posted by on June 1, 2017

Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report June 1st, Fly Fishing Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report May 10thGreat Smoky Mountains Fishing Report June 1st

The fly fishing action in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is incredible right now. Regular rains and intermittent cloudy days have kept streams running full and temperatures near perfect for trout. The fish are feeding aggressively and many rising trout can be found! The summer months always offer fantastic dry fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains.


Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report June 1st

Great Smoky Mountains Fly Fishing

There are 2910 miles of wild trout streams in the Great Smoky Mountains. With only 900 miles of trails, there is plenty of solitude and areas to explore and a catch a fish! Summer time is a favorite among our staff for the wonderful dry fly fishing opportunities that present themselves in the park. Summer is a great time to learn how to fly fish. You have active fish with a high metabolism that will feed all day long. So there is no wrong time of day to be fishing inside the park!

Fly Fishing the Smokies offers a wide variety of great fly fishing trips and lengths to choose from. We guide folks of all ages and skill levels and have ALL the gear that you need to fish with provided free of charge on your trip!!

We have offices in Gatlinburg and Bryson City to serve you best no matter where you stay in the Smoky Mountains!

For Reservations call (828)-488-7665 or Book Online

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Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report June 1st, Hazel Creek Fly Fishing,

Hazel Creek Day Trips

Hazel Creek Day trips are super fun this season. Experience one of the most remote and wildest trout streams in the Great Smoky Mountains with Fly Fishing the Smokies guide Jay Cobb as your host. Dry fly fishing on Hazel Creek keeps getting better each day. Lots of Yellow Sallies and Light Cahills are keeping the trout very happy. Hazel Creek is also one of the top places in the Smokies to fish small hoppers and bettles on top for some explosive action. Hazel Creek is a wonderful and wild place full of history and folklore. Some of the best trout in the Smoky Mountains have been caught on Hazel Creek! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to fish the most legendary Smokies trout stream with the best guides in the Smoky Mountains!


Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report June 1st

The weather looks good this weekend and coming week. We do have a chance for thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday, however these are commonly pop ups that likely may not occur depending on which side of the Smokies you happen to be on. The weather in the Smoky Mountains is very difficult to predict and changes every few minutes. Our motto is plan for a shower, and go play!

We are seeing good hatches of Yellow Sallies, Light Cahills, and Sulphers across the park streams. Also plenty of inch worms, beetles, and Cicadas are also giving the trout something to eat as well. And of course lots of Brown Stone flies and many different species of Caddis are also present. Lots of hatches to keep the trout looking up and feeding happily all day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets outside!

We’ll see you on the water!

Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report June 1st

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