Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report 9/22/16

Posted by on September 22, 2016

Fly Fishing the Smokies, Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report 9/22/16

Great Smoky Mountains Fishing Report 9/22/16

Today is the first day of Fall! The Great Smoky Mountains fished amazing the past two days. Cooler weather at night has dropped streams temps a few degrees and we’re seeing increased feeding activity from the resident wild trout!

Dry fly action is incredible right now, Septemeber always is. We just started seeing one of our favorite hatches of the year, the October Caddis. These Caddis are very large by Smokies standards, they range from a #10-#12 and are a bright orange. I joke and tell people you can see them from the Space Shuttle. Of course you can’t but it sure does seem that way, even the most novice angler can spot these in the fast turbid pockets in the Smoky Mountains. They’re the perfect dry fly in my opinion.

The weather has been nice, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall, maybe a little at least. Overnight temps dropped into the high 50’s across the Smoky Mountains. We had a good cloud cover in most areas and are starting the morning foggy and cool. Some of our guides showed up this morning with jackets on. Not me, I’m still running around in shorts and barefooted, typical hillbilly. Lol! Today is going to be partly cloudy with a slight chance for rain, highs are expected to hot 84 degrees in Bryson City. The Gatlinburg side of the big hill is going to be full sun and a high of 84.

Streams are still low, so stealth and good presentation is key. Fish above 2,500ft elevation so as not to stress the fish please.

It’s going to be a pretty weekend. Great weather to be outside exploring the Smokies.

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We’ll see you on the water!

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