Brook Haven Fly Fishing Report

Posted by on May 7, 2018

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Brook Haven Fly Fishing Report

Fly Fishing the Smokies newest private water at Brook Haven is off to a glowing start! Brook Haven opened last week and our anglers are catching some of the finest trout to be found in Western North Carolina. Brook Haven is the private fly fishing experience that you deserve!

Guided Private Water Fly Fishing

For years our Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains have went largely unnoticed around the globe as a top destination for incredible year around fly fishing opportunities for trout. That has slowly changed as more people are starting to discover, or re-discover, the sport of fly fishing. With this surge in popularity for the sport, also comes more people looking for mountainous places to find solitude, spectacular scenery and quality trout. We’ve always been here of course, it was just a matter of time before national media attention focused on our quiet hamlets in the mountains. Public water is plentiful and hatchery supported rivers along with superb national parks and forest service lands offer plenty of places to fish. Literally thousands of miles of water to catch a trout in the region, however  you don’t always have these places solely to yourself. We recognized this dilemma and took action. Brook Haven was born out of a desire to offer our guests a fantastic mountain fly fishing experience filled with breath taking waterfalls, large hungry trout, and you got it; solitude!

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Trophy Trout

Brook Haven is loaded with big trophy trout. Picture yourself casting into heavily oxygenated plunge pools where Rainbow trout lurk that weigh from 5-11 lbs! If that’s not enough, our Brook Trout weigh 3-5lbs. We also have Tiger Trout that hit the scales up to 5lbs! Now as the picture starts to come into focus, T-Rex shows himself, big Browns that top over 5lbs and hitting the mid 20 inch mark.

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Taking Care of it all

We recognize the importance of having a healthy ecosystem and maintaining optimal trout habitat. We have assembled the best team possible to make this all happen. We have a fisheries manager who along with our guides monitor water quality and temperatures. With continuous focus on our trout and their diets, we are able to supplement specially formulated feed combined with natural insect hatches and baitfish present in the ecosystem to maintain healthy trout and continued growth all the while protecting the watershed at Brook Haven. This an exciting project for us, and we can hardly wait to watch our trout grow and thrive.

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