Hazel Creek Fly Fishing Report April 26th

Posted by on April 26, 2018

Hazel Creek Fly Fishing Report April 26th

Hazel Creek Fly Fishing Report April 26th

Hazel Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is fishing very good this month. Mild tempratures and plenty of rainfall have the water in great shape. Steady hatches of brown Stoneflies, Caddis, Light Cahills, and Yellow Sallies have the trout feeding aggressively and looking up to take dry flies.

Mother Nature has thrown everything in the books at us, especially in the Smokies back country this month. So far we have seen snow, highs in the upper 70’s and followed by heavy downpours of rain. Snow is not surprising, considering historically there has been snow in every month inside the Smoky Mountains National Park. The crazy part is one day we are near 80 in the valley floors and two days later its below freezing and snowing. Now it seems this wild weather roller coaster ride is on its way out, and Spring is finally here!

Hazel Creek will always be popular among the fly fishing crowd. Each weekend its not uncommon to see a few Gortex clad anglers camping at Proctor, Sawdust, or Bone Valley. These guys are all doing the same thing, chasing wild trout with flies. These folks are just as passionate about fly fishing and preserving the resource just like you. So don’t worry they are for the most part practicing catch and release as well. Spend a minute or two talking with them and see for yourself. We are all on the same team. Hazel Creek is a massive watershed and a long one at the by park standards. So even though you might pass by the occasional angler, its never crowded or looses that feeling of loneliness and solitude that brings you here in the first place. Honestly Id rather see someone as to be there and know its just me in case something were to happen. Just food for thought.

Hazel Creek was running very full yesterday after a few days of steady rainfall if not heavy at times. Water clarity was great and everything was running gin clear. Caddis were popping all over and sporadic hatches of light Cahills and Yellow Sallies were keeping the trout honest.

This time of year Fly Fishing the Smokies has a guide or two on Hazel Creek almost every day. Its a place dear to our hearts and one that stirs the soul like no other. Hazel Creek will always be that place every Smokies angler will want to fish at one point or another. The legends are true, and fishing really can be that good!

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