Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Report May

Posted by on May 10, 2017

Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Report May 5th

Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Report May

The Tuckasegee River is fishing at its absolute peak for the year. This past week both stretches of the Tuckasegee were given the final stocking of the Delayed Harvest season. Big Rainbow, Brown, and Brook trout are prowling the waters and they are hungry! Water temps are perfect and the hatches are abundant. You couldn’t buy a better time to be on the water than right now! Book your trip soon before dates run out, we are filling up quick for the month!

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Tuckasegee River Float Trips

Float Trips on the Tuckasegee River are the way to go for covering the most water and catching lots of fish! Currently there are 34,000 trout per mile on the lower section of the Tuckasegee River near Bryson City! Thats pretty incredible odds for the angler looking to get multiple shots of fish. Fly Fishing the Smokies guides run 14 different stretches of the Tuckasegee River. Anything from Trout to Smallmouth Bass and Walleye, we fish for it! Our boats are perfectly setup for fishing rocky and technical rivers such as the Tuckasegee River. Each year we guide 1000+ fly fishing float trips down the river. Our guides know the waters here like the back of their hands.

Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Report May, Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Guides

Tuckasegee River Wading

Wading the Tuckasegee River is a great way to cover water and explore many areas of the river. Currently with so many trout in the river system its a good bet to really work over sections of water and dissect riffle and run sections. This month the Tuckasegee River will be fishing at its peak for the year! Tons of aquatic insect life are abundant in the lower sections of the river. The Tuckasegee has more water types and features than any other river in the region. Loads of rocky ledges and shelves making perfect hiding places for trout and bass alike. Long riffles and runs that hold fish by the thousands, and deep pools where the big boys live! This river has it all!


Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Report May 5th

Tuckasegee River Bass fishing

The Tuckasegee River in the late Spring and Summer holds lots of good sized Smallmouth, Kentucky Spotted Bass and White Bass. Bass by the thousands run up river from Fontana Lake in the spring creating lots of fishing potential throughout the warmer months. These fish will readily take flies and and spin tackle presented correctly. Smallmouth bass in particular  hold in some of the same area that trout do and presenting to them in the same manners as you would target a Brown trout will get your flies ate. These hard fighting fish are super fun to catch and pull like freight train.

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Tuckasegee River Fly Fishing Report May

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