Hazel Creek Camping Trip

Posted by on March 1, 2017

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Hazel Creek Camping Trip

June 15-18th 2017

Join the guides at Fly Fishing the Smokies as we venture to Hazel Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, September 22nd- 25th for our Hazel Creek Camping Trip to arguably the most storied, and remote streams in all the Smoky Mountains!

Hazel Creek is THE bucket-list destination for fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Enjoy incredible fly fishing for wild Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout during the best time of the year to fish the Smokies. Once home to one of the largest mining and logging communities in the Smoky Mountains, Hazel Creek is steeped in history that shaped these mountains and their people. Legendary guides and sportsman haunted these waters and woods years ago, legends like Granville Calhoun, Horace Kephart, and Quill Rose.

Along with great fly fishing and beautiful scenery, Hazel Creek also boasts many remnants and ruins of a bygone era from logging and mining companies to old homesteads and cabins. You can see the old Ritter Logging Company and Lumber Mill site, Calhoun House, Hall Cabin, Adams-Westfeldt Mine Site, Proctor Cemetery, and Bone Valley Cemetery.

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Hazel Creek Camping Trips

Take a trip back in time and get away from the modern life. You owe it yourself to get out and explore, and enjoy one of the greatest fly fishing destinations in the East!

We’re taking care of everything from the tents, chairs, entertainment (tall tales and BS!), covered sitting area, and great food. So leave your cares and troubles behind, grab your sleeping bag, some clothes, we’ll take care of the rest, and join us for a grand ol’ time to one of the Smoky Mountain’s best trout streams.

The meals are fantastic. Our guides know how to cook back in the mountains, and will feed you some of the good down home country cooking that we grew up with. A big country breakfast every morning with sausage, eggs, bacon, drop biscuits, fried potatoes and even pancakes. We’ll make up sack lunches after breakfast and head to the water for the day’s fishing. Dinner, or ”supper” as us country boys call it, is always amazing. Our dinner menu includes item’s such as fresh pan fried trout, marinated pork chops, grilled chicken breasts, grilled vegetables, potatoes, Shuler’s famous pinto beans, corn bread, and cobblers. We come to fly fish, but being out in the mountains is about more than just fishing, it’s about enjoying the outdoors, and eating some good food too!

We’re offering two different options, the full package includes guided fly fishing on Friday and Saturday, or you can choose to fish unguided and still enjoy everything we have to offer.

$850 per person with a guide

$500 per person without a guide

Guided package price based on 2 anglers per guide. Fishing license and gratuities are not included

Call us today to book your Hazel Creek Camping Trip. (828)-488-7665 or email guides@flyfishingthesmokies.net We’ll be happy to get your trip booked and answer any questions you may have.

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Fly Fishing the Smokies is fully insured, licensed, and operates under a special Commercial Use Authorization from the National Park Service.

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