Fly Fish Cherokee NC



Fly Fishing in Cherokee NC is incredible! With hundreds of miles of water to explore between Cherokee North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there is an adventure at every turn. Cherokee has a Trophy Trout Fly Fishing Only section that rivals streams all across the nation. In terms of big fish you want find anywhere better int eh Smoky Mountains and surrounding area to catch a Trophy Trout. Most anglers we guide here catch the fish of a lifetime!

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an excellent area to fly fish. With over 2,000 miles of available water to explore, there is no shortage for trout or solitude. Fly Fishing the Smokies is the best outfitter you can find to explore the Smoky Mountains with. We are in the Great Smoky Mountains back country all year long and know ever stream in the region. We are known as your Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing experts.

Fly Fishing the Smokies is the best choice for guided fly fishing in the Cherokee, and Great Smoky Mountains area. We have a staff of 11 professional, enthusiastic guides who are more than happy to show you a great time on the water! Whether you are new to the fly fishing, or an old pro, Fly Fishing the Smokies can deliver a day for you that will fit your desire. We include all the gear you would need plus any flies at NO additional charges. We also have gear to fit smaller hands and feet, so bring your children too, and have a great experience for the entire family!

Call us at (828)-488-7665 or email at

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Hazel Creek Camping Trip with Fly Fishing the Smokies


Spring 2014, May 1st ~ 4th, and May 15th ~ 18th

Join the guides at Fly Fishing the Smokies as we venture to Hazel Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, May 1st-4th, and May 15th-18th for our Spring 2014 Hazel Creek Camping Trip to arguably the most storied, and remote streams in all the Smoky Mountains!

Hazel Creek is THE bucket-list destination for fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Enjoy incredible fly fishing for wild Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout during the best time of the year to fish the Smokies. Once home to one of the largest mining and logging communities in the Smoky Mountains, Hazel Creek is steeped in history that shaped these mountains and their people. Legendary guides and sportsman haunted these waters and woods years ago, legends like Granville Calhoun, Horace Kephart, and Quill Rose.

Along with great fly fishing and beautiful scenery, Hazel Creek also boasts many remnants and ruins of a bygone era from logging and mining companies to old homesteads and cabins. You can see the old Ritter Logging Company and Lumber Mill site, Calhoun House, Hall Cabin, Adams-Westfeldt Mine Site, Proctor Cemetery, and Bone Valley Cemetery.

Take a trip back in time and get away from the modern life. You owe it yourself to get out and explore, and enjoy one of the greatest fly fishing destinations in the East!

We’re taking care of everything from the tents, chairs, entertainment (tall tales and BS!), covered sitting area, and great food. So leave your cares and troubles behind, grab your sleeping bag, some clothes, we’ll take care of the rest, and join us for a grand ol’ time to one of the Smoky Mountain’s best trout streams.

The meals are fantastic. Our guides know how to cook back in the mountains, and will feed you some of the good down home country cooking that we grew up with. A big country breakfast every morning with sausage, eggs, bacon, drop biscuits, fried potatoes and even pancakes. We’ll make up sack lunches after breakfast and head to the water for the day’s fishing. Dinner, or ”supper” as us country boys call it, is always amazing. Our dinner menu includes item’s such as fresh pan fried trout, marinated pork chops, grilled chicken breasts, grilled vegetables, potatoes, Shuler’s famous pinto beans, corn bread, and cobblers. We come to fly fish, but being out in the mountains is about more than just fishing, it’s about enjoying the outdoors, and eating some good food too!

We’re offering two different options, the full package includes guided fly fishing on Friday and Saturday, or you can choose to fish unguided and still enjoy everything we have to offer.

$850 per person with a guide

$500 per person without a guide

Guided package price based on 2 anglers per guide. Fishing license and gratuities are not included

Call us today to book your Hazel Creek Camping Trip. (828)-488-7665 or email We’ll be happy to get your trip booked and answer any questions you may have.

Fly Fishing the Smokies is fully insured, licensed, and operates under a special Commercial Use Authorization from the National Park Service.

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Why Book With Fly Fishing the Smokies?

With all the other outfitters, fly shops, and guide services out there, why book with Fly Fishing the Smokies you might ask?

The answer isn’t that simple really.

Choosing a great guide service shouldn’t be a chore, even though picking the right one is sometimes hard to do. At Fly Fishing the Smokies we understand that, and want to make it easy for you. Below are some points of interest about us that may help you with your decisions.

  • We are a Drug and Alcohol Free outfitter. All of our employees are randomly drug tested.
  • Your enjoyment is important to us, but so is your safety. While the goal is to learn fly fishing and catch fish, our number one goal is your safety. Our guides are certified in CPR and First Aid. Some of our guides have an Outdoor Leadership Degrees, Military Combat Medic training,  Wilderness First Responder certifications, and all are very capable outdoors-men.
  • We are fully licensed and insured. We carry Special Commercial Use Authorization Permits for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the US Forest Service.
  • We are licensed guides by the State of North Carolina and Tennessee.
  • We only hire patient, professional guides with a long time guiding history. Our guides have a strong work ethic and want nothing more out of a day of guiding than to teach you, and put you on the fish. Our guides are delighted to see you smile and have a good time, and are dedicated to bringing out the best possible experience for you while on the water.
  •  Almost every guide we hire is a father with children of his own. These guys are great with teaching children to fly fish and have miles and miles of patience, great big smiles and a friendly attitude. A great guide not only is a good teacher and angler, he must have a great personality. This is especially important when working with children.
  • We guide children! We have no age restrictions for kids. It’s our belief that too many activities these days don’t have room for children or have age restrictions. We find that as parents ourselves, too many activities are not not family friendly, and leaving someone out is unquestionable. That’s why we have no age restrictions for kids. Its about having a great time as a family and enjoying your time together outdoors!
  • We are all born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee and have spent our entire lives fly fishing the streams and rivers that we guide you on. We simply will not hire a guide who wasn’t a native mountain boy! There’s so much history and tradition in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee that it could never be read from a book or taught, it has to be lived and passed down generation to generation.
  • Just about everyone of our guides are professional competitive fly anglers who travel the country and abroad, fly fishing in numerous National and International Fly Fishing Competitions, and large scale televised fly fishing events. Many of these guys you may have seen on Saturday morning fishing shows guiding celebrities, television hosts, and personalities.
  • Collectively our staff logs more than 1500 days of Guiding clients per year.
  • We supply all the fly fishing gear and equipment you would need at no additional charges. including all flies that are hand tied by your guide, often times just the night before your trip!
  • We only use top quality equipment for our clients. It’s much easier, and more enjoyable to learn to fly fish with top quality gear. You can expect to see waders and boots from Simms, Chota, and Korkers. Fly rods and reels from Orvis, St. Croix, Sage, Redington, TFO, R.L. Winston, Lamson/Waterworks, Abel, and Ross. We put in your hands the same gear we use!

Many of our guides have been nationally ranked Pro Anglers for many years in competitive fly fishing. One of them is the Founder of the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team, which has been the top fly fishing team in North America for the past several years. He went on to win or place top 5 in  numerous regional and national level fly fishing events, including qualifying for 4 Us National Fly Fishing Championships. That same guide also founded one of the richest prize payout tournaments in the US, the Rumble in the Rhododendron. Another of our guides is a member of Fly Fishing Team USA, and coached the Youth division of the US Fly Fishing Team to win two Gold Medals in the Fly Fishing World Championships in 21012 and 2013. He also won and placed top 5 in numerous national and international level events, including qualifying for 4  US National Fly Fishing Championships. Together both of these fellows were one of the winningest duos in competitive fly fishing in the country! One of our guides was an Army Ranger Scout for 8 years. You don’t get to be one of the elite soldiers in the US without being able to perform under pressure and handle yourself in any situation. This same guide has been a fly fishing guide for 8 years and was Lead Whitewater Rafting guide on some of the country’s most demanding rivers, including the Gauley River in WV, the Ocoee River in TN, home of the 1996 Olympic White Water venue, and the Nantahala River, home to the 2013 World Championships of Freestyle Kayaking.

Every Fly Shop, Outfitter, and Guide Service around self proclaim to be the “premier” or “number one choice” in the area. Really? What makes them the “premier’ or the “number one choice”?  Is it highest prices, flashy websites, fancy fly shop, swanky brands? Must be… however we have a different opinion. Look up the word “Premier” and you’ll find that it says “first in occurrence” Hmm.. we have been in business since 1999, making us “first in occurrence”  before those folks who claim “premier”. That leaves us with “number one choice”. To be Number One choice, you probably would need to be ranked as number 1 in something, by an entity scoring a ranking right? Well, after nearly 16 years in business, we haven’t seen such an entity. Maybe they are talking number one choice for highest prices…


We sincerely hope to earn your business and the opportunity to spend time with you on the water in our mountains!

Tight Lines;

Shannon Angel~ Owner, Fly Fishing the Smokies

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Fly Fishing Cherokee

The Fly Fishing Guides, Trips, and Instruction in Cherokee North Carolina with Fly Fishing the Smokies is hard to beat!

Fly Fishing the Smokies is the undisputed Kings of fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains. All of our guides grew up fly fishing on the many rivers, streams, and lakes they will be guiding you on. It’s sort of like as kid how you knew every detail of your own backyard, we know the waters in the Smoky Mountains the same way.

Fly Fishing the Smokies is not a Fly Shop, we aren’t trying to sell you anything other than a great time fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains. We are actually the largest Guide Service/ Outfitter in the Smoky Mountains, and have been in business since 1999. Our passion is teaching you the nuances of fly fishing and how to catch the many trout we have in the creeks, rivers, and lakes in the Smoky Mountains.

Learn to Fly Fish with the best outfitter in the Smokies. Our guides are members of the Federation of Fly Fishers, an organization that teaches guides and individuals to become better teachers of fly casting and the sport of fly fishing. We teach fly fishing to people of all ages and skill levels, so no worries if you have never tried fly fishing before. We are happy to teach you how! Children are more than welcome to come along too, and we have gear the to fit them! All of guided trips include your gear and all flies at no additional charges. We also include a stream-side lunch and drinks on all of our Full Day Trips.



For reservations call us at (828)-488-7665 or you can easily book your trip online from our website!

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Gift Certificates

Since it’s the holiday season, we would like to mention Fly Fishing the Smokies does offer Gift Certificates for all of our Fly Fishing Trips. You can pick up a Gift Certificate for family and friends for Christmas and they can book their trip anytime in 2014! Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to get one out to you! We email our Gift Certificates to you, with your loved one’s name in the certificate, that way you don’t have to wait anxiously on the mail hoping it’s there in time for Christmas. Just print it off, wrap it up, and you’re all set!

We look forward to helping you make this Christmas Holiday a special one!

Our office number is (828)-488-7665 or email us at


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Winter Trophy Trout Special

Take advantage of our Winter Trophy Trout Special with a 3/4 Day Wade Trip that puts you chasing the biggest and baddest Trout in the Smoky Mountains during the best time of year! Winter is your best chance at catching your own River Monster in the Smoky Mountains. The biggest trout in the land come out of the cover of night and prowl the shallows during the day in search of prey, and to spawn. There is no better time to catch a big fish in the Smokies! No previous fly fishing experience necessary!

We fish in two locations for Trophy Trout during the winter months. The Cherokee Trophy Section on the Ravens Fork in Cherokee, North Carolina, and the Gatlinburg Catch and Release Waters in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Both areas offer the best action for the biggest fish in the Smoky Mountains! The trout in these waters are rumored to give small children nightmares! We are only teasing, but they are huge and put up one heck of a fight!

We supply a patient, professional fly fishing guide, all the gear you need including, waders, wading boots, fly rods, fly reels, leaders, flies, and tippet. We also bring a nice stream-side lunch consisting of hot soup or chili, sandwiches, and drinks. Our guides do bring along cameras to get pictures of you with your catch!

Trip Details;

Our Winter Trophy Trout Special is a 6 hour Wade trip that is Catch and Release Only!  We supply all the gear you need plus lunch, drinks and an adrenaline filled day!  All you need is a fishing license and to dress for the weather.

Children are welcome on all of our trips, and we do have waders and gear to fit them!


One angler $190.00

Two or more anglers $112.50 per person



Our Winter Trophy Trout Special is the best deal going, and the best time to be on the water! Winter is when you catch the biggest fish in the Smokies!

Book your trip with Fly Fishing the Smokies and make your cast to the fish of a lifetime!

For reservations call (828)488-7665 or book your trip online from our website, just click the “Book Online” tab at the top right hand of the screen.

See you on the water!

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Year around Trout Fishing

Fly Fishing the Smokies specializes in guided fly fishing for Trout!

Did you know the Smoky Mountains offer year around Trout fishing?  No matter the season or weather, there are trout to be caught in the Smokies, and Fly Fishing the Smokies know where to find them and how to catch them!

Amanda with a Raven Fork Rainbow


Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Golden Trout, Speckled Trout, Wild Trout, Trophy Trout, Stocked Trout, even Steelhead. If you’re looking for trout fishing, we’ve got it! Over 4200 miles of trout streams flow through the mountains we call home.


It doesn’t matter which side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park you are vacationing, whether in Tennessee or North Carolina, there is a trout stream very near you!


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Summer Fly Fishing in the Smoky Mountains

The Fly Fishing during the Summer in the Great Smoky Mountains is amazing! We are blessed with year around Trout Fishing and the Summer time is the best time to fly fish in the Smokies for dry fly action!








Everyone knows fishing with dry flies is the absolute most fun you can have with a fly rod. Something about watching a trout grab your fly off the waters glassy surface and disappear with a splashy rise is something special. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers 2150 miles of perfect water conditions for casting flies to wild Brook, Brown and Rainbow Trout! Beat the heat this Summer with the Smoky Mountains coolest guides. Get out on the water with Fly Fishing the Smokies and let your Summer Adventure start right here!











Summer time is also the perfect time to be fishing for Smallmouth bass in our larger rivers. We chase Smallmouth with both fly and spin tackle, and the action is nonstop on the Tuckasegee and Little Tennessee Rivers. We offer both Wade and Float Trips during the summer for “Smallies”. Of course we also have some fine fly fishing on these two magnificent rivers for Rainbow and Brown Trout, landlocked Steelhead, Muskie, Walleye, Crappie, Bluegill, and Yellow Perch. Be sure to check out our Float Trip Special and and take advantage of the Best Deal on the Water!












Fly Fishing the Smokies offers guided fly fishing for Trout near Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Seveirville and Townsend Tennessee, plus Cherokee, Bryson City, Maggie Valley, Franklin, Highlands, and Sylva North Carolina. We are the largest independent, family owned Fly Fishing Outfitter in the Smoky Mountains

For booking and information call us at (828)-488-7665 or email

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Fly Fishing the Smoky Mountains









The Smoky Mountains offer some of the best fly fishing in North Carolina and Tennessee. Take a guided fly fishing trip with Fly Fishing the Smokies, the #1 Fly Fishing Outfitter in the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Cherokee, and Bryson City.

It’s now May and the fly fishing action is really heating up! We are seeing massive Rainbows, Browns and Brook Trout being caught by our anglers each day on the Tuckasegee River on the North Carolina side of the Smoky Mountains! This slow moving river is arguably the crown jewel of Western North Carolina and offers some of the best fly fishing opportunities in the south. The Tuckasegee is home to Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout, but also Smallmouth, Largemouth, Kentucky Spotted Bass, Walleye, Muskie, Carp, Crappie and Bluegill. All are great fish to catch on a fly rod, and Fly Fishing the Smokies is there with more years on the river than any other outfitter in the area.










The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is warming up from a very long winters grip and the fishing is outstanding! We are now seeing some great hatches of insects which have the trout looking up and taking dry flies off the surface! The most colorful fish of the Smokies is in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Smokies offer hundreds of miles of streams that are chocked full of wild Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout just waiting to be caught! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn to fly fish with the best guides in the Smoky Mountains! Contact Fly Fishing the Smokies at (828)-488-7665 and reserve your date








Fly Fishing the Smokies offer Half Day and Full Day Wade Trips which are perfect for learning to fly fish, plus Half Day, 3/4 Day, and Full Day Float Trips.  We provide all the necessary equipment, plus all flies at no extra charges. All of our trips are private with just you and your guide.

Be sure to check out our 3/4 Day Float Trip Special for two anglers for just $225.00

Contact Fly Fishing the Smokies at (828)-488-7665  and book your trip today!

Your Smoky Mountain adventure starts here!




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Spring Fly Fishing

Spring is an awesome time to come Fly Fishing in the Smoky Mountains!

Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout, Small Mouth Bass, Walleye, Muskie, Yellow Perch, White Bass, you name it, we’ve got them all!  Every fish that swims the waters here will be eating ferociously in the Spring, and Fly Fishing the Smokies is there to catch them!



The fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Spring is legendary. Cast dry flies to wild Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout all day long, and never see a more beautiful place! We guide Fly Fishing Trips in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park daily near Gatlinbrug, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville TN, and Cherokee and Bryson City NC. Don’t miss the opportunity to fly fish in the nation’s most visit National Park with the Smoky Mountains best and most experienced guides.


The Tuckasegee River Delayed Harvest section which is part of the WNC Fly Fishing Trail will be going full force with the best trout fishing in the entire south! We see the best fishing all year during the Spring time on this popular section of our favorite river.



The Tuckasegee River lower sections will start fishing well around mid May and continue throughout the Summer for Small Mouth Bass, Kentucky Spotted Bass, Muskie, Walleye, White Bass, Crappie, Yellow Perch, Carp and of course very large Brown and Rainbow Trout. A trip to the lower Tuck will have you in constant action with our experienced guides! Lead Guide Eugene Shuler knows this river better than anyone, and guides 250+ days per year on the Tuckasegee River  alone.

The Nantahala River, one of Trout Unlimited’s Top 100 Rivers fishes at its best in the Spring. The Nantahala has two distinct sections, the upper section is a Delayed Harvest regulated section which is stocked to the brim with Brook, Brown and Rainbow Trout. This section also is home to a good number of wild Rainbow and Brown trout. Plenty of clean flowing cool water plus tons of aquatic vegetation and insects provide the trout plenty of food sources and keeps you in action all Spring and Summer. The lower Nantahala River is a unique river in itself. Entire chapters and volumes of books have been devoted to this most famous river in the south! The current North Carolina State Record Brown Trout came from the Nantahala River

Cherokee North Carolina offers a Trophy Fly Fishing Only section which is home to trout measured in pounds not inches! The Cherokee stock the Raven Fork and Oconoluftee River with Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout, but also Golden Trout and Donaldson Strain Rainbow Trout ( the hardest fighting Rainbow trout in the World!) Fly Fishing in Cherokee is a special treat in the Spring, evening hatches of Sulphers and Yellow Sallies put these big monsters on the prowl! Don’t miss the chance to fish these incredible waters with Fly Fishing the Smokies!

Book your trip today and learn to fly fish with the best guides in the Smokies!!

Contact us at (828)-488-7665 

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